Loving awareness

I'm sharing what I have learned in my spiritual path, ascending and descending, encountering many Masters, many cultures, many downloads. My intention is to bring access to this technologies and find inner balance within ourself, with others... with nature.

Book releasing on May 11th

An embodied tantric initiation

Is a simple manual to help brothers and sisters to improve their relationship with themselves and others. I support you to come back to love

Join us

Join us on Costa Rica and Berlin

Holding space to practice healthy communication and embodying your emotions, desires and your true self

Collective consciousness


Past year at Boom festival, this year at Pura vida Festival.


"My heart feels so open
My nervous system still
My body relaxed
Pain & tension reduced
The best part is the state of my heart..
feeling so safe to just be in my skin, receive & enjoy
I feel forgiveness for myself and others
Thank you for sharing your medicine."
- Rebekah Joy -

“By using these healthy relating tools with you I felt really at ease. My nervous system was very relaxed, because I knew that everything was out on the open, making me feel safe to be authentic and honest. With no doubts or shame on what it will mean to each other to connect. This allowed me to release into my truth and were I was at, to be held in that healthy loving state. It was really really beautiful”Wylie, California

When you relate, are you leaving a better person than the one you had found?

lets connect